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Chips n’ Bits

Frito-Lay with a Twist

Frito-Lay with a Twist

The other day, I was looking for a pouch to use for holding my receipts. While walking the aisles in Target, I ended up in the “Going Back to School” section, where they had a display of pencil holders – of all types, shapes, and colors. That’s where I found the “TerraCycle Chip Bag Pencil Case.” I chose the one with “Rold Gold” on it, since it was to host my receipts – kinda goldesque; it was a more logical fit than the other “regular chip” version of the same thing.

Based out of Trenton, NJ – where I got a speeding ticket once, years ago and I’d warmly describe the area as “the armpit of New Jersey” – they produce their flagship product, “Plant Food” and bottle it in reused plastic drinking bottles (your typical 20 oz carbonated beverage, for example). It’s good to know that some production is going on in Trenton, it needed a healthy dose of income when I saw it 7 years ago! They fabricate these little pencil-case puppies in Mexico and have an internet presence at

At this point, you know just about as much as I do about the company (I did take a peek at their website). I do know a little more about one of its products, the “Chip Bag Pencil Case.” Oh, and that the price tag mentions to, “Check out [their] website to learn how to collect drink pouches to earn money.” Maybe I have a future career in collecting chip bags. Intriguing.

On the flip side of the tag, it reads,

Frito-Lay® is committed to finding new ways to minimize its impact on the earth and TerraCycle is always hungry to transform waste into cool, innovative products. If your organization would like to collect chip bags and get paid for it, go to

It also has on it, “Program Generously Sponsored by: ” next to the Frito-Lay “Good Fun” logo.

So, there you have it – one more option to consider, in your searches for options on how to do things differently. If anyone knows more about this program, please let me know so I can share it with everyone!

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  1. Dan says:

    Hi Everyone,
    Dan from TerraCycle here, if you are looking for more info on our brigades please reach out as i would be happy to explain our process and get you upcycling ASAP!

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