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A Buncha Twitts

Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

I’m not much of a Twitter “follower” but I do provide a way for others to follow Trash Trip via Twitter – for those who do use it.

Today, I went looking at my list of followers – just over 30, when I started. Then, I looked at each one’s Twitter account, to see if there was something worth following. For those who Twitt, this should be no surprise. . . I found a buncha twits, only aiming at advertising “whatever” – and not necessarily related to trash or recycling, lemme tell ya.

So, I did my best at screening (i.e. blocking) those whose accounts amounted to an empty advertisement scheme or offer for services that were “not necessary.” Those who remain (today, at around 24 count) are either “real people” or seem to be somehow trash/recycling related.

Otherwise, if you’re a real human, with a real interest in what’s happening in the world of trash, c’mon and Twitt with me!

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