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A Cell is Born

The beginning phase of a new cell.

The beginning phase of a new cell.

Another tour and interview today – at the Cedar Hills Regional Landfill. Wally gave me a one-hour tour of the facility, where he’s worked since 1993 (his father worked there before him). As Wally said, “It’s in the family.”

This was my first time seeing a new cell being “born.” They were still digging it to depth. After that is complete, they will line it with 8mm plastic (a specific type, designed for landfills). Then, let the filling begin!

After the landfill tour, I swung by the next-door neighbors – the Cedar Grove Composting (Maple Valley plant). They don’t give tours there, so I took a few shots from the parking lot – and while I was driving lost in the area. To say the least, the scents were somewhat overwhelming – a mix between old, warm beer and rotting plants. It reminded me of a place along the highway, north of Hollister, CA. To those who skydive there, and rive down highway 25, they know what I’m talking about!

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