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A Fortunate Series of Events

Go to to see what they're doing!

Go to to see what they're doing!

Timing is everything!

Yet another amazing series of events, resulting in something better than I could’ve ever hoped to have planned. In short, the following series of events lead to me attending the monthly board meeting for StopWaste, for Alameda County:

Monday, I contacted someone for an interview, who told me I could meet her at an upcoming board meeting – Tuesday morning 10 am – for StopWaste.

I wouldn’t have known about the meeting, had I not contacted Heidi Sanborn, of the California Product Stewardship Council.

I wouldn’t have known about Heidi and CPSC if I hadn’t gone to Wastecon.

I wouldn’t have gone to Wastecon had I not known Lisa Wood, of the San Diego waste management department. Lisa saw one of the re-prints of the article written about my trip, from The Daily Miner, in Fairbanks, AK.

I wouldn’t have had an article written up about me in Fairbanks had my dad not asked me to call the local newspaper, about an upcoming 40th anniversary of the crash of one of the planes he flew in 1969, Rivet Amber (it crashed months after I was born). After mentioning the upcoming memorial, I mentioned the story about my upcoming trip. . . I had yet to head north, to begin my southbound journey. They wrote about it, on my way south, later that month.

So, in essence, I was born to do this trip! Everything that’s gone around is coming around, I guess, and in a lovely way as I make my way down the west coast.

PS I saw this today, my first day back in Sausalito, about their plastic and polystyrene ban. . . local headline news and great timing – for me to find, unexpectedly and serendipitously, once more!

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