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Capturing the Plastic Vortex

The Kaisei

The Kaisei

OMG, I am so excited!

Over the past few days, I was in the process of updating my files to post new pictures and stories from my travels through Oregon and northern California. I gathered at least 9 interviews in about one week!

However, as of this afternoon, I am now crewing aboard the Kaisei ship, which departs tomorrow morning for the Pacific Gyre. Once there, we will test methods for capturing the floating waste. After that, recycling efforts, including conversion to oil/energy will be assessed. Much to do!

So, I will be offline until the end of the month, out at sea. For updates, please go to the website and I will post updates as soon as I can, after returning sometime between August 27st and September 2nd.

I managed to end one of the last two paragraphs with a period, instead of an exclamation point – yes, I’m excited! There are few opportunities in life to go out to sea and explore waste – fortune is smiling on me and I’m smiling back! 🙂

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