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Coming “Home” to Santa

I’m sitting here, at the College Cafe down in Fairbanks, happy to hear the music selection has changed from annoyingly-repetitive-and-unsettling jazz (hardly the soothing stuff one would imagine playing at a cafe) to classic rock (aka old stuff from the 60s).

I’m busily editing pictures and video, like this one of my drive north on Tuesday. . . notice the cameye, mounted on the windshield – my little pride and joy sadly, my face decided to break out. . . if you could see all of the spots, it almost makes out the Big Dipper constellation. I’m glad I’m missing one star on my right cheek (that would be the one used to find the North Star).

Anyway, I have today and tomorrow left, to take care of things before making “the haul” north to Prudhoe Bay, aka Deadhorse. It’s almost 1pm and I’m perpetually behind schedule and continually catching up on things. Today, it’s phone calls and some more videos of the area. . . I’ll be going back to North Pole, to shoot the area where we lived, 40+ years ago, and see what else is happening.

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of the downing of Lisa Ann, aka Rivet Amber, in which 19 crew died. My dad, fortunately, was not on that flight; unfortunately, he had the task of notifying surviving family members of their loss. I shot some footage yesterday, of Lisa Ann Drive, for him to add to his website It was a wee bit more challenging than I had anticipated – the road was heavily rutted and potted with holes, making a steady-cam shot impossible for my crew of one (tasked with multiple roles of videographer, driver, and safety inspector). Here is the footage, on YouTube.

I have more pictures that I could post, from Denali and Talkeetna for example, but there are too many! I decided to pick only one, of me (selfishly?), which shows one of my media configurations – for capturing audio, with my camcorder and microphone in tow (the camcorder is in the waist pack). It was a chilly, rainy day – a great exercise for dealing with the elements! For all of you gear geeks out there – this one is fun!

Have camcorder, will travel!

Have camcorder, will travel!

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