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Electric Envy

In my preparations for pushing north, I have been faced with certain challenges to this blog-o-sphere lifestyle: internet access and electricity.

Now, this is not as bad as it seems at first blush. The plus side is that not having on-demand power makes one appreciate two things: serene peace ‘n quiet and the experience one has when faced with a wall outlet that doesn’t require any effort beyond plugging in a device.

The limited access to the internet helps develop a skill that is not otherwise attained when one can readily hop online: time management.

I’m not complaining. In fact, this whole arrangement is quite fitting to the trip itself. I think everyone should go without power and high-speed internet for at least one or two days, every now and then, to regain that all-too-easily lost feeling of gratitude for modern-day conveniences. It’s not like a camping trip either – you can prepare for this and it is expected, for one to be unplugged and digitally unavailable. It’s when faced with managing the mundane routine, without modern ease.

Prioritizing what you do online is not obvious. The temptation to reply to every comment, every message, and share every image possible is there. The time in which to do so, however, is not! So, I must prioritize; otherwise I might miss out on the things that I need to have finished, versus handling the things I just enjoy. Still, I find myself jumping into doing everything possible, until I hit one of the (many) boundaries that are present: internet access limitations, AC power access, DC power access, and my poor little laptop. . . which is now in the final stages of life, overheating and seizing up on me, more and more frequently (and quickly). How appropriate.

Such is life, on the digital highway. But, I’m getting better at overcoming the obstacles. . . otherwise things would be too easy!

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