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Happy Father’s Day

Interview #1 - Prudhoe Bay - with Steve Hill

Interview #1 - Prudhoe Bay - with Steve Hill

I’d like to wish my dad, and all of the other dads out there reading this, a Happy Father’s Day!

I have less than 24 hours left here in Fairbanks and am tying up a few loose ends before heading to Tok on Monday. So far, the interviews have been fantastic and I have many interesting finds – most of them unexpected! So, if I forgo sleep and put my nose to the grindstone, I may get out a short podcast before leaving my free wi-fi access.

Saturday, I also made the “executive decision” to make this trip a podcast-centric one. I am not going to shoot much hi-def video, other than for side-interest and post-trip viewing. The logistics of making videos, other than short camera clips, is simply not possible. If I had a crew, then I’d (have them) go for it!

Instead, I am really enjoying the creation of audio recordings and hope that you take a few moments to download them (when they’re available) and listen to them at your leisure or during your commute.

Check out the new photos, posted in the “Photos” section (see tab at top). Again, have a Happy Father’s Day and many days thereafter!

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