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Happy to be Alive

It’s days like today, in places like this, which make me glad to be alive.

I am heading to Talkeetna, AK later today, after finishing up some final errands here in Wasilla. This morning, I packed up my car, did a final walk-through at the cabin, and closed the locked door one last time. When I looked around, I was suddenly pained with the thought of leaving.

The lake was calm, covered with a light ripple; the sky was a soft blue, with wispy white clouds; the breeze was gentle and soothing, while the sun was warm and inviting. All together, it was deliciously perfect and too much to simply hop into my car and drive away suddenly. So, I walked down to the “pier” and sat down for a while, to soak it all in one last time.

It was unbelievable peaceful and made me swell up inside, with the desire to make to last. I watched the birds and listened to them, as they flew by and made splash-landings on the water; then, they’d flick their beaks in the water, in a type of frenetic bathing ritual. It was, in a word, delightful.

So, I am more than glad to be alive today, knowing there are places like this that exist, and I hope you have moments like these to cherish as well.

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