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Interviews To-Date

So far, I have recorded interview with people in the following places:

Prudhoe Bay

I have also done interviews, in writing, with other individuals in the same places, as well as Coldfoot.

One technical issue I’m having, though, in posting my interviews (in podcast form) is the steps involved in converting the recordings to a format I can edit. Of course, the editing process will take time too. I am itching to get something edited and available for download! Please stay tuned for this, which may take me an additional two weeks.

Until then, I will work on getting some text and pictures uploaded, from my Prudhoe Bay text-only interview. If I’m ambitious (and not too exhausted) I will post more from Coldfoot and perhaps even Fairbanks.

To make a quick summary, though, here are some highlights that come to mind:

Cubs in the "Bear-Proof" Container
Prudhoe Bay: I have some great photos of bears inside the “bear-proof” containers (I also have some of the polar bears) and an aerial of the landfill – none of the pictures taken by me, though, but one of the men working at the local service company. How the extreme-cold conditions affect the landfill design, as well as the long-term plans for closing old fills and opening new ones, are quite fascinating as well. I got in my first-ever ride-along on one of the trucks!

Toolik: It’s a smaller-scale issue than Prudhoe Bay, so the options for handling refuse are scaled down, with a twist; handling of waste includes: onsite-recycling, burning, and shipping the solid waste all the way to Fairbanks.

Coldfoot: Arctic Interagency Visitor’s Center had some great info and is worth the stop for travelers on the Dalton Highway. I hope to get in a phone interview with “James,” the one man who reportedly picks up the trash at all of the stops along the Dalton and drives them south. How far south, I’m not sure, but it’s ultimate destination is the Fairbanks landfill.

Ed at the Farmer's Loop West Trasnfer Site

Ed at the Farmer's Loop West Trasnfer Site

Fairbanks: The end-destination of solid waste from all points south of Prudhoe Bay. Recycling efforts are underway, with the main obstacle being location (location, location). Recyclables are shipped to Tacoma, WA. . . which I am now destined to visit!

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