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Intro Videos – Vote Today

Okay, the winner is Intro – 2. You can now view it on the About page!

I’ve uploaded three 20-second-ish video clips. Go to the YouTube site to rate the video from 1 to 5 stars. For whatever reason, you have to view it in YouTube’s viewer (by clicking on the YouTube logo in the lower left corner of the viewing screen) – and nowhere else – so click on these links to do so (and vote!). Watch them all here, then click on the YouTube logo for the one you like and rate it. – Thanks!

The “favorite” video will be posted on the About page. When the voting is finished, I’ll add the bloopers. I am still converting videos, to post more, and will upload them as soon as the votes are in as well. Call it a carrot. Vote today, okay!

Intro 1

Intro 2

Intro 3

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One Response to “Intro Videos – Vote Today”

  1. Russ Turley says:

    A) I didn’t get a chance to vote. #2 was a good choice.

    B) Is that a Tilley hat? I love mine.

    Thanks Russ! hehe, you’ve got it – Tilley it is. I broke down and dropped the $$ on one – nice hat indeed! The nicest I’ve ever owned. It’s starting to get warm and sunny now, too, so I’ll get to use it more.

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