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Invictus – Plasticus

Invictus - The Movie

I went to see the movie Invictus last night and enjoyed a particular scene in the movie… the one where they are in a meeting, discussing a per-bag fee on plastic bags, to reduce their impact on the environment in South Africa. Classic!!

The common plastic bag is “affectionately” known in South Africa as the “national flower,” because it “grows” everywhere you look. I like this quote, from a 2003 BBC online article on the topic:

“We want to get rid of plastic bag waste completely. We are hoping to walk around in our streets in a year’s time and see far less waste.”

A plastic-bag tax was established in South Africa, in 2003.

So, thank you Hollywood – for showcasing a social problem in a visually emblematic fashion, which I hope will be registered by many, worldwide.

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