Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Kamloops to Prince George

A typical drive of about 325 miles.  Me, a car, four wheels spinning, stereo playing, and video recording.  That is, until the video recorder went on strike.  It’s a battery thing and I had been meaning to deal with it earlier.  The device preempted me and now I’m dealing with it.

Other than that, I had another lovely evening with my CS hosts, not unlike the night before in Kamloops.  Pleasant conversation about an assortment of topics, ending aroun 11:30 at night!  I’m sure I look a little goofy, doing my IT band stretch, on my foam roller.  It’s the greatest thing on earth, the foam roller, and it is making my life on the road divine!

Picture me, laying on my side, with my lower leg perched atop a black foam tube that’s about 9-inches in diameter.  Slowly, I inch my way from hip to knee, with long pauses throughout the slow roll; the process takes 5 minutes, per “stretch”, per leg – repeat three time per leg.  It is beyond description and I can only summarize it as “divine pain.”

So, there you have my daily routine: drive, stretch, talke, sleep.  Add some eating, drinking copious amounts of water, and stopping to answer nature’s call. It’s all good and I have about 7 more days until arriving in Alaska. . .

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