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Llamas, and Tires, and Bears, oh my!

One of 12 black bear sightings

One of 12 black bear sightings

This is only a snippet of what has happened, since my last entry, so expect revisions in the weeks to come – once I’m back online for more than an hour!

Smithers, BC was quite a find!  A lovely place for sliding down slopes covered with snow. Before I left, I (finally) checked my spare tire’s air pressure – something I kept telling myself to do and kept putting off until “later.”  Well, later happened the other day and it’s a good thing I checked it – 30 psi.  I pretty much had no spare.  Silly of me but my four tires have been rock solid on holding pressure and that apparantly made me get complacent.  No more!  At least not until the next time.

The drive west, through Hazelton, was. . . um. . . yummy.  Hills blanketed in evergreens to my right and granite peaks washed in snow to my left.  All in all, awesome!  Then, there was the wildlife:

Black Bears: 12 (one was dead – yes, I have pictures)

Caribou: 6

Llamas: 5

Moose: 2

The bears were everywhere!  Well, they were nearly so during the southern part of my trip.  Damned fine sight to see – a bear foraging on the side of the road in the green shrubby stuff that grows everywhere out here!  Then another bear or two, and another one, then another, and so on – for miles.

The occasional caribou and sparse moose sightings were cherries on one cake of a drive!

The dead bear, I’ll tell more about that later.  For now, I’m just working on falling behind on my blog.   I have made some “behind the scenes” progress, which tickled me pink the other night while car camping.  I’d say more but would bore most people.  In short, I can finally make my website “run” on my laptop – while offline.  Sounds dull and pointless but, when you’re car camping, it’s freakin’ amazing!  Yes, it’s the little things I enjoy, sometimes, while surrounded by some amazing eye candy.  A nice contrast  🙂

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