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Meet Me at the Fair

Paige, a Master Recycler vest, and pride

Paige, a Master Recyclers vest, and pride

Today, I went to the fair. Not to see who won the best-in-class or blue ribbon for their cow, pig, or goat (the horse competition was finished); instead, and to no one’s surprise here, I wanted to see how the trash was handled. This event definitely contends for a ribbon of some color, for a job-well-done competition!

Paige Prewett, is the coordinator of this facet of the event; in addition to her work on the SMART Program and Master Recyclers Programs, of Jackson County, Oregon. She’s a busy person but took the time, thankfully, to give me the grand tour! We walked, drove, and talked our way around the grounds; going from bin to bin, and site to site, seeing how the waste makes it way from the attendees’ hands to its “proper” place – that is, not in the landfill, if we can help it!

The success of the fair’s recycling program, 2-years young, depends on a crew of trained students and committed/highly-trained volunteers. Without them, you have a handful of very tired individuals, bordering on absolute frustration, when it comes to handling the sheer volume of waste – much less getting the plastic, metal, glass, cardboard, and more – out of the “non-recyclable” waste.

So, as you look through the pictures I collected from my day, remember that everything you see is there because someone took the time to put it there. . . so, next time you see a bin with a label, take the time to read it. You’ll be doing yourself, and everyone else, a favor!

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