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Watch a fun 20-minute video on their website

Watch a fun 20-minute video on their website

Link to the website: The Story of Stuff

I’m around 10-15% done with my travels, when counting the distance traveled. I’m only 1/6th finished, when looking at the time (that’s around 18%). All of this, of course, is subject to change!

I’ve been in Kamloops since Sunday night, heading to Vancouver tonight, and have had a very productive trip so far. One detail includes talking with a couple at the Cache Creek Dairy Queen, when I mentioned a website for them to visit. I later noted to myself that I should add a link to it on my website for The Story of Stuff.

I’m gradually putting together clips for the podcast – which is woefully behind schedule. I like to think of it as, “Good things come to those who wait.” Otherwise, I think often that, “I need a clone!”

Another posting of the article from Fairbanks, Alaska was found online at the Juneau Empire website. It’s a repeat of the earlier posting, but it also includes a color photo taken at the Farmer’s Loop West Transfer Station – my favorite hangout for trash in Fairbanks!

Another handy website to mention is where to download the digital archives of Waste and Recycling News. Thanks Rina! She recently added me as a friend on Facebook and clued me in on a mention about me on a newsletter from Pete Fehrenbach

So, in order to buy myself some time, check out the other website, The Story of Stuff, while I keep on trucking my way south!

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