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Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

On my way

I am currently driving north, on my way to Alaska, where I was born 40 years ago. When I get there, I will go as far north as I can, then turn around and start traveling south, until I arrive at the southern tip of Argentina. Along the way, I will be exploring all possible aspects of trash. What these aspects include will depend on who I meet along the way.

Starting in June 2009 and ending sometime in early 2010, I will be videotaping, photographing, interviewing, and otherwise sharing-as-I-go my experiences, through my website On this website, there will be text, images, podcasts, and videos, plus interactive forums for people to add their comments and content from their home towns. There will be additional internet “presences” on Facebook, YouTube, Google Earth, Twitter, and more.

My goal is to increase awareness about trash, in an intriguing and even entertaining way; inviting people to get involved, in what ever way they might enjoy, through the channels available. It’s not about finding who to blame; it’s about understanding how we’re all involved and maybe finding a few good solutions in the process.

The possibilities for helping out in this event are many and evolving. Making “little work for many hands” is my approach, where the cumulative-effect is what makes the difference. If you are reading this, I hope you find something which appeals to you:

  • Contacts, contacts, contacts — what will make this all happen depends on making connections with people in each community, preferably before I arrive. I am looking for people who want to help coordinate anything from a place to stay for the night and a ride to the next town to arranging interviews and coordinating community events. This can involve any type of contact including people who may or may not be involved with waste-management; people interested in improving their community; student/youth groups looking to get involved in some manner (online or hands-on).
  • Written-content contribution — Researching regional and global news and industry about waste management. This would be posted online, through text, links, and even included in the weekly podcast. Fact-check the info, as best as is possible, please.
  • Video-content contribution — Creating or finding fun, interesting, informative clips, showing how we view trash, in how it is generated, handled, and ultimately disposed.
  • Travel companions — This is a shoe-string budget, my shoestrings that is, so this goes to those who can pay their way and who want to be a part of something unique. I am not looking for one person to travel from top to bottom; there will be many short trips, so I am looking to travel with different people from place to place, who will help me shoot video, etc. Travel will be simple: by car from Alaska to Mexico, then sell the car and travel by whatever means available from there on south. Carpooling with friends, family, and friends of friends and family is the preferred mode of travel. Did I mention making contacts?

I am not party to the waste-management industry or any environmental program; I am just one person, with an appetite to understand plus some skills to back it up and maybe make something of it.

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