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Plastic, plastic everywhere… not a drop to drink

So, I’ve been offline for a while, again. I’m still managing ways to balance my time between gathering info, sharing info, and enjoying my travels. Lately, I’ve been enjoying my travels while gathering info. The sharing part has taken a back seat – just a little!

One of the cool things I came across, while culling the internet for goodies, was this video. It illustrates, via killer computer simulation, water bottle recycling effectiveness… well, I’ll let the video help you determine what level of effectiveness is (or isn’t) achieved.

Be sure to have your speakers turned on…

Also, there’s a new blog to check out… in particular, the post on “Three Trashy Women.” I should mention, my quotable quote was a surprise but we’ve all heard the expression before – now you get to read how I used it!

Beth, the author of this blog, was at a recent presentation by the Plasitki Expedition. We swapped info and now we’re swapping blogs! Here’s to the world of viral news… 🙂

The Plastiki Expedition, part of Adventure Ecology, is building a catamaran from srPET (structurally reinforced polyethylene terephthalate) and other plastics. Through a series of processes, they are essentially making a type of “fiberglass” material, as well as un-processed PET bottles… you know, you’re classic, 2-liter bottle.

In short, what I’ve come to find in my journey (as early as my first interview in Fairbanks, AK) is that plastic is a long-term problem, requiring a significant shift in how we view and use it. It’s a non-disposable product being used in disposable ways. This cannot last indefinitely; otherwise, we’ll be swimming in plastic bottles, plastic wrap, and plastic packaging.

Here’s a glimpse at a possible future-view of plastics, looking back at what we’re doing today. Be sure to have your speakers on and your sense of humor activated.

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  1. But the future’s in plastics.

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