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Sunrise (sunset?)

So, yes, this is the land of the midnight sun. At midnight, it’s more like twilight than dark. Kinda cool but kinda hard to get much sleep without eye shades (yes, I carry these – and ear plugs).

It's 11pm and it's easy to pull an all-nighter!

It's 11pm and it's easy to pull an all-nighter!

Plenty has happened since my last (few) posts and I am going to share all that I can – when I get around to it! I have been preparing things for the final push north, such as this website, coordinating with people who are helping me with various aspects of this trip, and getting my gear all ready to rock-n-roll. My latest gear upgrade has been my cameye holder:

Press here to release the magic!

Press here to release the magic!

Yes, I am geeky. That should be obvious by now – what with my websites, tinkering, and other things that are best not known – lest I spoil the magic of the wonderful show of Oz.

I am finally posting pictures to my blog! And, yes, there will be some MAJOR changes yet to be seen. Until then, I am hobbling along with things as-is and am thankful for your interest in my blog – laced heavily with your patience!

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  1. luis says:

    so cool I want one of these cameras.. you keep traveling safe.

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