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Survey About Waste Handling in Vancouver

Survey About Waste Handling in Vancouver

Today, I went to English Bay in Vancouver and asked one simple question of those who live here, “Where does the non-recyclable trash go?” Here are the results:

15 people, in all, were surveyed (all are residents of Vancouver).

3 knew about the Cache Creek Landfill
3 knew about the Delta Landfill (in southern Vancouver)
9 did not know about either landfill (Cache Creek or Delta)


0 knew about the Burnaby incinerator

The story behind why I did this stems from my time spent in Cache Creek, BC, nearly a week earlier. One of the opponents of the Cache Creek landfill prompted me, at the end of our interview, to ask 10 people in Vancouver, to see if they know where their trash goes; more specifically, did they know it goes to Cache Creek? Today, I have confirmed his concern, that people do not know that it is being shipped to someone else’s “back yard.”

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