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EeePC and me

EeePC and me

Well, I had other plans for the last few days, which did not include 2 days of recovering from a corrupt hard drive(!) In short, it was techno-resuscitation. I saved all of the files and I am mostly back on track – a couple of days later than desired.

Then, today, I received my final tool for the trip – a netbook. An Asus EeePC 1000HE. Now, I have the fun of configuring it, for using in the months to come. My old laptop will become a Linux/Ubuntu test tool, for when I return from the road.

Interestingly, there was a note included in the kit, which read:

Takeback and Recycling

Old computers, notebook computers, and other electronic equipment contain hazardous chemicals that are harmful to the environment when disposed in a landfill with trash. By recycling, the metals, plastics, and components found in an old computer will be broken down and reused to make new products. And, the environments is protected from any uncontrolled release of harmful chemicals.

ASUS works with recycling vendors with the highest standards for protecting our environment, ensuring worker safety, and complying with global environmental laws. Our commitment to recycling our old equipment grows out of our work to protect the environment in many ways.

For further information about ASUS product recycling and contacts, please visit GreenASUS Takeback and Recycling page at

While I was doing all of this, I have a few new subscribers and one new friend – on my YouTube channel! Seems that there are a lot of trash-truck aficionados 🙂 Thanks for joining and I hope to add more new videos, sooner than later!

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