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UZITAGN, baby!

UZITAGN, baby!

UZITAGN, baby!

It’s the weekend, after two fruitful days of interviewing in the San Francisco bay area. In summary, it included: five interviewees, four locations, three interviewers, two cameras, and one digital audio recorder. Lots of smiles. Pictures, videos, and maps from the past two days are being posted, as I type.

Joe Garbarino, a man with a mission, operates the Marin Sanitary Services out of San Rafael. His license plate says it all – “UZITAGN” – for those who don’t speak license-plate, it reads “Use it Again” (baby!) I like adding the “Baby!” part myself, but that wouldn’t fit on a US-sized plate.

There will be videos available for viewing, on the TrashTrip YouTube channel, but wait until Sunday, to check them all out online.

After Joe, we headed south to San Jose State University, to meet up with Heidi Sanborn of the California Product Stewardship Program and Bruce Olszewski of San Jose State University. Be sure to check out their website for information you can use in your area – even if you’re not in California! Like any problem, the real solution to waste is to deal with it at the source – and the producers are a good place to start!

Ari Derfel and Tom Padia would agree, that nipping things in the bud is better than playing catch-up at the landfill. Ari’s blog illustrates what one person can do, over the course of one year, collecting his own trash (excluding the stinky food waste); while Tom works on getting county-wide efforts in place, with Stop Waste, to divert as much waste from the landfills. As they both said, “everything” should be removed from the waste stream. . . because, in nature, nothing is wasted – and that’s about as efficient as it gets!

See what happened to Ari’s one-year-collection of trash, as it was transformed into art, “Finding Away,” by Kuros Zahedi of Bellingham, WA.

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