Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Water, Whales, and Garbage

Capturing the Escaping Marine Debris

Capturing the Escaping Marine Debris

Big, medium, and small – mostly miniscule – pieces of trash float about the Pacific Gyre. While on “prop patrol,” the deck hands (including myself) stand vigil, night and day, to avoid driving our propellor through a patch of derelict fishing nets and ropes. . . not a good thing, when you’re over 1,000 miles from land.

Of course, if worse came to worse, we have sails – this is a tall-masted ship, after all, and her crew is more seasoned by the day. I’ve only made it up to the second of three levels up the foremast. . . the Top Gallant Yard eludes me! I’ll post pictures, from the crow’s nest, when I have the time. The GPS coordinates of our travels should prove interesting too. . . again, when I get around to it – after landfall.

One of many cool things seen/experienced so far included a whale sighting yesterday morning. A smallish whale, about two miles away, leaped out of the water and made a spectacular water show when it landed – 6 times!! Of course, as soon as the video cameras came out – the whale went peacefully away. It was great seeing it in its neighborhood, as we passed through.

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