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Tiny Trash

Tiny Trash Truck in Trinidad

Tiny Trash Truck in Trinidad

Since last week was such a long blog, I’ll keep this one short and save more for later.

With the boat now hauled out, we’re on dry land. One of the things I kept noticing at the boat yard here in Chaguaramas (at Peake Marina) is that they have their own garbage truck; and it is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen driving trash around!! It looks like a toy and it’s not much bigger than one – however, the poor thing must work every day and haul trash more than once from each loading area. With little trucks, there are still big troubles!

Since my last post, we’ve made it to Trinidad and we’ve also coincided our arrival with Carnival. It is a Friday-to-Tuesday, nationwide celebration (read, “party”) that achieves its own heights in audio and visual spectacles! We made it to the Friday night band practices, which I can only say was “amazing” and then we attended “J’Ouvert,” pronounced “joo vay.” It’s Trini for “crazy fun at an insane hour of the day.”

Of course, being trash-minded, the streets were completely flooded with, yes you guessed it, plastic bottles and aluminum cans, plus other convenience-food containers. Whenever there is a parade, and people attending it, there is trash – and lots of it!

On our way home, after J’Ouvert, we saw a man who was out collecting “the harvest” of cans and bottles. Let’s just say that he was not disappointed with the turnout and he was “making hay, while the sun shined.”

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