Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

2010-01-09 – Trash Trip

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Entering the dump, the road side is piled with "Early Deposits." A good representation of the state of equipment here.  Going to get things fixed here is not as obvious as it is in mainland US. Me, looking at what lays beneath.
A close-up of the top coat of the dump.  A little bit of everything. Johnston Melbostad and Norton Smith, standing after hopping on the sponge-like, yet crunchy, surface of the dump. The Thinker, Johnston Melbostad, and an old monitor.
A close up of what lays about in the dump.  Plastic and crushed coral. E-waste a plenty.  It's hard to imagine what the condition of this monitor will be, 20 years from now. A road that cuts through the piled layers of garbage.  Notice the e-waste in the foreground.
Norton Smith, strolling down rubbush road, the wall on the left was where we were standing earlier, looking down. A close-up of one of the e-waste components found in the wall of trash. A close up of the wall of trash, which resembles a mix of man versus wild.
Where the used cooking oil goes, which apparently turns black over time.  Remember, this dump is not lined with anything. A close up of the deposited oil. Some bio-hazardous waste, in the classic all-pink bags.  As mentioned earlier, they have a tough row to hoe in the islands.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 16 | Back to Albums
Description: A tour of the dump, which is different from a sanitary landfill by the way. No lining, no limit how much you drop off, what you drop off, or where you drop it off. They're trying to make changes, which generally cost money, so it's a tough row to hoe!
Location: Anguilla

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