Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

2010-01-11 – Trash Trip – Johnston Melbostad

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Trying to get online, via netbook and iPhone, while marginal success. Norton Smith getting money from the yuppie-stamps dispenser, aka an ATM, while I wait to assist with any translations. A peek down at the small brook that wanders through the city, taking trash with it to the shore.
More impromptu sightings of trash, thrown just about everywhere (except in the tourist-laden zones). Housing and recycling hot spots on St. Martin, sort of. The sun works in predictable ways - slowly eroding everything into dust.  Go sun!
A more intriguing bit of trash, a reusable bag which is no longer in use. What would Jesus do?  I like to think he'd not only recycle but he'd insist that we all stop buying hoards of presents during the Christmas holiday and spend more time with family (in person or with Skype)... so we wouldn't have landfills and dumps overflowing on December 26th... but I digress.  FYI: "Eglise Catholique" is French for "Catholic Church," and this is their recycling bin. Tracking down a potential interviewee, after a long day of searching.  Norton and I make our way into the offices of the Director of the Environment and Health.
Photos 1 - 9 out of 9 | Back to Albums
Description: Day one at St. Martin, we travel everywhere in search of interviewees. In the end, we found them, but not in time to interview. That will have to happen tomorrow.
Location: Marigot, St. Martin

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