Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

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Trash Trip - 2009-11-05 Trash Trip - 2009-11-05
Interviews with Jeff (last name not recored and my interview was lost, in a technological crack!) and the people at the Monterey County Landfill: Tim Flanagan and Kimberle Herring.
24 photos
Trash Trip - 2009-11-03 Trash Trip - 2009-11-03
Interviews with Rick Mauck of Santa Clara Services and David de Rothschild of Plastiki.
4 photos
Trash Trip - 2009-10-29 Trash Trip - 2009-10-29
Interview with Robert Reed of Recology and trash trawling in the bay with Lorraine Palmer.
13 photos
Trash Trip - 2009-10-27 Trash Trip - 2009-10-27
Interview with Alexa Kielty of the SF Department of the Environment, Residential and Special Projects Recycling Assistant.
1 photos
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