Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

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Trash Trip - 2009-06-22 Trash Trip - 2009-06-22
I was planning on driving to Dawson City that evening but my car repairs took waaay longer than expected (or promised); I got my rear end re-aligned (insert joke here). I ended up car camping at the border.
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Trash Trip - 2009-06-21 Trash Trip - 2009-06-21
Father's Day in Fairbanks - at the local transfer site, Farmer's Loop West.
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Trash Trip - 2009-06-20 Trash Trip - 2009-06-20
One more Farmer's Loop Transfer Site interview, touring Fairbanks with Ed, and crashing parties (even a wedding) along the way!
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Trash Trip - 2009-06-19 Trash Trip - 2009-06-19
Another Trash Trip interview in Fairbanks and celebrating the Summer Solstice in Fox.
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