Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

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Trash Trip - 2010-02-26 Trash Trip - 2010-02-26
Touring and interviewing around the island of Mayaguana.
16 photos
Trash Trip - 2010-02-23 Trash Trip - 2010-02-23
Touring the island and dump, while getting in interviews, after a long journey.
14 photos
Trash Trip - 2010-02-20 Trash Trip - 2010-02-20
A short trip to South Caicos but no interviews were had, technically speaking.
13 photos
Trash Trip - 2010-02-19 - Carol Carlson Trash Trip - 2010-02-19 - Carol Carlson
Setting anchor and going ashore after days of being on the open water. It was a lovely morning, when we sighted land.
8 photos
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