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Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Trash Trip – 2009-06-26

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The wall of poems. . . full of sage advice to passers-by. Heading to the local transfer station in Dawson Creek - no salvaging like you can do in Alaska, though. Cynthia, dropping off the week's trash - no curbside pick-up in the country.
The receipt for Cynthia's tipping fee. 125 kilos for $2.00. Cynthia dropping off recyclables at the center - it's the only way to recycle in DC - you bring it in, no curbside pick-up.  Otherwise, it goes into the landfill. Caps OFF bottles, please.  not just in Canada, BTW.
An impressive display of accepted products. Poster explaining beverage containers in the "Return-It System" in BC, Canada. If you don't want to sort it, just drop it off and the center will sort it.  The proceeds go to the community charity of choice.
Drop-off windows for the array of recyclables. It's always nice to see apples matching apples. . . or milk containers matching milk containers. Sometimes, the selection gets a little overwhelming - something's gotta change though!
Display over the drop-off windows. That's right - Styrofoam is NOT recyclable.  Repeat, it is NOT recyclable. Display over the drop-off windows.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 30 | Back to Albums
Description: Touring around Dawson Creek with Cynthia -- my newly-found PR agent!
Location: Dawson Creek, BC (right next to Alberta)

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