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Trash Trip – 2009-06-29

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Community Hall sign - indicating the evening's event for discussing the future of the local landfill. Driving up to the Cache Creek landfill. . . it's the peak on the right. Entryway sign for the Cache Creek landfill.
Tandem trailers, aka B-Trucks, waiting to be "tipped" at the top of the landfill.  Over 30 tandem trailer-trucks are hauled to this site, daily, and most come from Vancouver.  

Vancouver ships over 500,000 metric tonnes of garbage per year to the Cache Creek landfill.  It ships another 750,000 to Burns Bog and the local incinerator.  More details on that, when I find out more. A sign at the drop off location, on the way to the top of the hill, for locals living in Cache Creek. Looking up the hill, from the locals' drop-off.
Another sign, while looking up the hill at the drop-off site for locals. A small airport, just south of the active peak of the landfill.  It is adjacent to the old/original landfill site and was built by volunteers. On top of Old Smokey, all covered with trash.  With more trucks a-deliverin' trailers packed with more stash.
The compactor, spreading out the latest delivery.  As it was in Fairbanks, Dawson City, and other landfills, ravens were plentiful.  

Here, though, there were also bald eagles scavenging food (and gold eagles, plus one albino, apparently).  I couldn't get a good photo of the eagles. Heading away from the mountain, with the compactor off in the distance. The wood-chip hopper site.  Where emptied trailers are filled with wood chips and shipped to the barges in Vancouver.  The trailers are cleaned first, of course.
Looking at the landfill, from the wood-chip hopper station.  A sadly impressive display of humanity hard at work. Another look at the landfill, from across the highway. My interview with Kelly, who drove me around the landfill.
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Description: A busy day in Cache Creek, BC. My second landfill tour, many interviews - even one at the local DQ - and a town meeting regarding the future of the (enormous) landfill. It was an interesting evening, to say the least!
Location: Cache Creek, BC

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