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Trash Trip – 2009-07-22

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The bin blaster - to wash out previously used containers and prepare them for the next users (for curbside pickup in residential areas, mostly). The view of Mt. Ranier was matched by the weather and landscaping details of this site and visit!  There were flowers everywhere and more or less manicured lawns! This is not typical of your every-day landfill and recycling center - flowery plants are everywhere!
See what I mean?  Flowery plants and manicured landscaping everywhere! This is where people bring in their recyclables. . . neatly and nicely ordered down this row of bins (and flowers). Just say "No" to packaging peanuts - NOT recyclable because it's styrofoam.
Computers, computers, everywhere. . . stacks of them here, and at other sites I've visited. Small step for plastic bag management (if there is such a thing!) Just say "No" to styrofoam... please.
Other materials drop-off and processing center, for oils and household chemicals - every day access, not just special occasion collections like in many cities. Batteries and oil go here, as well as more flowers. Looks like an entrance to an airport: Departures only, no arrivals.
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Description: Heading south once more, I stopped at the Tacoma center for the landfill and recycling operations. . . this is one of the prettiest sites I've visited yet, with a beautiful view of the mountain!
Location: Tacoma, WA

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