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Trash Trip – 2009-07-27

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Interview with Rhianna Simes, Master Recycler coordinator, at the Oregon State University Extension office.

Personal note: I need a haircut and some sun on my face! Brown bin, meet blue bin.  Blue bin's got some attitude goin' on! Leaving a meeting that never was - I had the wrong day and time, luckily it's scheduled for tomorrow, so I wasn't too late - I was extra, extra early.
Photos 1 - 3 out of 3 | Back to Albums
Description: The day started with the usual rummaging through hard drives and files. Then, I got a call-back from one of the contacts here and we set up to meet in the late morning, to discuss the Master Recyclers program, hosted through the Oregon State University Extension, coordinated by Rhianna Simes. After that, I went to Ashland for a 3:30 meeting, which I later saw I had noted as a 3:00! Ooops! So, I called and apologized profusely, only to find out that it was supposed to happen on Tuesday. . . heavy sigh of relief! All's well that ends well!
Location: Jackson County, OR

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