Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Trash Trip – 2009-09-22

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Service with a smile, as I tagged my name tag! The trough of ribbons, to add to your name tag.  I added "Speaker" to mine. An interesting poster above the main entrance.
A view from the main entrance. The Wastecon Program book and addendum. . . with my presentation listed in the addendum - for Wednesday at 1:00. Entering the Grand Ballroom, for the beginning ceremony of Wastecon.
The kick-off "show" comedian act, with Tim Clue - gotta start off an event like this with a laugh indeed! The second speaker of the morning, Tom Szaky, of Another full-sized truck - in all of its glory on the showroom floor.
Mini blue bins being picked up by a mini blue truck. Miniature trash cans. . . for recycling, of course. Ways to collect water from your downspouts - fashionably!
A full-sized garbage truck - all squeaky clean. Miniature loader, loading miniature trash cans.  All that's missing is miniature trash! Miniature trucks - kinda cute!
Photos 1 - 15 out of 29 | Back to Albums
Description: My first time, and day one, at Wastecon!
Location: Long Beach, CA

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