Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Trash Trip – 2009-10-23

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Ari Derfel and me, post-interview at the David Brower Center, talking about his personal journey with trash - detailed on his blog Lorraine and Ari, and fish (without a bike), after the interview too. Dave Phillips' impressive display of canned tuna - Dave is the Executive Producer at the Earth Island Institute - home of the "Dolphin Safe" program.
Recently-released movie, "The Cove," at the Tokyo Film Festival, where dolphin hunting (in Japan) is illustrated. . . vividly, I'm told. Post-interview with Tom Padia, the Source Reduction and Recycling Director of Tom and Lorrain, and said fish (without a bike), after the interview.  Stop Waste is "Reducing the Waste Stream for Alameda County."
While waiting to get in the car, these were spotted under a nearby shrub on Webster Street. . . two syringes.  A two-for-one special, I guess. Just a personal musing. . . and frustration, which is shared by others.  If it read "Education for All," or "Roads for All," there would not be a debate.  God bless America; we need all the help we can get.  But, I digress. Just an interesting mural, spotted on my route back to the car.
One of two sculptures at either end of the pedestrian overpass, crossing the I-80/I-580 freeway.   
Photos 1 - 10 out of 10 | Back to Albums
Description: Interviews with Ari Derfel and Tom Padia, from the East Bay, to talk about personal trash explorations and county-wide waste-abatement efforts. What's your wasteprint?
Location: Berkeley and Oakland, CA

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