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Trash Trip – 2009-11-17

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Looking at the landfill, from one of the roads outside.  Notice the landscaping look, and methane handling pipe.  This is not a typical look for landfills, with trees and shrubs! Post-interview with Mike Mohajer, at the main building for the Puente Hills landfill. The main entrance to the landfill, where the trucks get weighed upon entry and exit.
Peering up the road, after crossing through the entrance, noticing the rolling effect which is typical of landfill roads... and the segmented rainwater runoff gutters on the right, which are segmented due to the instability of the materials beneath. On the road to the active face, looking at the pipes which handle landfill gases (methane, mostly) on the left. One of many pieces of equipment, preparing areas of the landfill for use and ground cover.
Preparing green waste for covering the active face - grinding. An overview of the active face, as loads are being delivered. A small flock of persistent seagulls, flying over the active field of waste that was dropped off today, before it is covered for the night.
The tall poles in view are to keep seagulls from flocking around the active face.  They're as persistent as ravens, from what I've gathered. Tires, tires, tires. . . and no loitering! Top cover, a tarp, for one area of the landfill.
The sides of a future cell being prepared. The methane gas handling facility, converting landfill gas to energy. An overview from one side of Puente Hills landfill, including the railroad tracks to be used for shipping waste to a more distant landfill, when this one is closed in the very near future.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 24 | Back to Albums
Description: Tour of one of the largest landfills in the US - Puente Hills, which services Los Angeles.
Location: Puente Hills, CA

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