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Trash Trip – 2009-11-19

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A shot of one of the available recycling bins at Camp Pendleton. Lots and lots of paper is involved, when it comes to government work! Important paper documents get handled separately, getting shredded in the end.
Cardboard boxes play a central role in the recycling world, all around the world. The baler - where the heart of the operation beats. Bales of cardboard, waiting to be shipped.
Bales of recyclables, waiting for shipment. A look at the recycling center's central facility, and the shade must be a delight in the summer! The main materials handling system, with its incoming piles awaiting processing.
The metals-recycling center, gated for protection of all involved. Empty ammo, getting sorted for metal recycling. Miscellaneous scrap metals and non-discharged ammo get sorted out from the empty shells.
Post-interview photo with Charles Bradshaw, at the Camp Pendleton Recycling Center.  To quote Charles, "Management of our waste is as important as the air we breathe and the water we drink.  We cannot live without taking care of each." This is where it all begins, at the Miramar landfill... A place to drop off old surfboards, where they are transformed into non-load-bearing concrete forms, like separation walls (see next picture).
Photos 1 - 15 out of 47 | Back to Albums
Description: Interviews with Charles Bradshaw (Camp Pendleton recycling) and Jose Yse (Miramar landfill).
Location: Camp Pendleton and Miramar, CA (greater San Diego area)

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