Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Trash Trip – 2009-11-20

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Entering EDCO's construction materials sorting facility. A view across the construction materials sorting facility. Material that cannot be recycled is trucked to the landfill.
Construction material being prepared for sorting - and this is a lower-than-normal representation of the volume received, given the turn in the economy. Entering the recycling center for one of EDCO's facilities, this one is in Lemon Grove, CA, near San Diego. Shipping containers of recyclables are being filled, to be sent to the Pacific rim nations (i.e. China).
Entering the recycling center and the receiving floor. Glass... Everything else... being pushed onto a conveyor by a small dozer.
Cardboard is everywhere, it seems. A blurred view of the materials-recycling center, as the mixed-stream of recyclables is gradually sorted - through hoppers, handlers, and other sorters, as it zig-zags across the room. This is the PET bottle sorter, using optics and air to separate them from the other non-PET bottles.  There should be a video of this at
Post-interview photo of Steve South, from EDCO Waste and Recycling Servcies - "We take care of it" Post-interview photo with Steve South Post-interview photo with Don "Duck" McSwain, of Carbon Based Partners.
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Description: Interviews with Steve South, of EDCO Waste and Recycling Services, and Don McSwain of Carbon Based Partners.
Location: Lemon Grove and San Diego, CA

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