Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Trash Trip – 2009-11-23a

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Entering Mexico, on foot, with Jose del Rincon (of the San Diego Environmental Services). Posing with Esteban Davis, from the "Environmental Protection Agency" of Baja California (Secretaria de proteccion al ambiente del estado), near a future greenhouse for growing ground cover/trees, using recovered water. Looking at the road to the Tijuana sanitary landfill, from the main highway.
Driving up the road tot he sanitary landfill - a very, very bumpy road! A sign to the landfill - there are many curves, and even more bumps, in this road. One of many trucks, beaten into remission and no longer usable.  This one was left full, because it never made it to its final destination.  The cost of removing the materials is beyond anyone's budget.
Another shot of the bumpy road to the landfill, and atruck forging its way.  Many trucks fall victim to this road, after countless miles of round trips on it. The entrance to the landfill lays below, in the background, behind Esteban and me. Another view of the main entrance to the landfill, where the trucks are weighed and tipping fees are paid.
Driving to the main entrance and snapping a shot of one of the many family-owned hauling businesses, as it drive up the main road. Signage at the main entrance to the landfill, in front of the main office. More signs at the main entrance, indicating what can and cannot be left here.
Meeting Arturo, the manager of the landfill, before he takes us on a tour of the active face. The active face of the Tijuana landfill. Many on-site scavengers continue to sort out the waste, before it is buried each night under ground covering.
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Description: Tours of the newer Tijuana sanitary landfill and an older Tecate dump. For those who don't know the difference between a landfill and a dump, a landfill is lined, controlled, and monitored for impacts to the environment; a dump is not.
Location: Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico

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