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Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Trash Trip – 2010-01-05

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The gang's all here (there), me, Norton Smith, Marcus Eriksen, and Anna Cummins (Markus and Anna are from, among other expeditions into the world of waste!) Looking up at the top of the landfill - up yonder. Interviewing Mario Leonard at the entrance to the landfill.
A new hazardous household waste facility that is under-construction. Interviews are underway, of Mario, while we all listen and record. A truck... as if that were a surprise! It was once full of trash, however, if you can imagine that.
I like the caption on the side "Let's Talk Trash." The active face at the St. Thomas landfill. A close-up of one of the loads being delivered at the active face on St. Thomas' landfill.
Group shot, mid-interviews, of Norton Smith, Mario Leonard, me, and Jimez "Boogie" Ashby. Johnston and me, taking a self-portrait on top of the landfill - what a lovely place to be together! Another shot of Johnston and me, with a gift in-hand.  :)
One more interview that is underway, I think. The best view from the island of St. Thomas... no wonder developers ache to build on landfills.  Too bad silly things like "building codes" and "structural integrity" get in the way! Visiting the tire-baling system - no small operation!  Hundreds of thousands of tires (or tyres, for English folks), await being baled - versus providing nesting grounds for mosquitoes and more.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 30 | Back to Albums
Description: Today was our first island-based landfill tour. Anna and Marcus, of, joined up with is as we toured with Jimez and Mario, who manage the landfill in a variety of ways.
Location: St. Thomas, USVI

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