Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Trash Trip – 2010-01-05

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The tire/tyre baler - there is no lack of supply, in this setting! Tires, tyres, tired. I particularly like the water line and how high it goes.
Boogie and me, in front of the baler and a few tires. A cool shot from above, thanks to Johnston's handy camera work!  It only begins to reveal the scale of this task. The tires seem to keep going, into the ravine and into the waters (but they don't, mostly).
Another birds-eye view (or, Johnston-view) of the field of tires. Norton and me, getting interviewed by Anna and Marcus. One of the emplyees where Jimez "Boogie" works, wearing a cool t-shirt that reads "SWAT: Solid Waste Attack Team"
Group photo in front of the cruise ships at St. Thomas - a regular sight. Now, a group photo in front of the boat that Anna and Marcus will be on, as the voyage to the Sargasso Sea for A close-up of the boat's "domain name" - the boat's name is "Sea Dragon."
Interviewing Marcus and Anna, aboard the Sea Dragon and only days before their departure to the Sargasso sea. Me, posing in front of the Sea Dragon (a very nice boat, BTW). One last shot of the interviewees, Marcus and Anna, in front of their "ride" to the Sargasso Sea.
Photos 16 - 30 out of 30 | Back to Albums
Description: Today was our first island-based landfill tour. Anna and Marcus, of, joined up with is as we toured with Jimez and Mario, who manage the landfill in a variety of ways.
Location: St. Thomas, USVI

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