Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Trash Trip – 2011-01-29-to-01-31

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On the boat "Imagine" in English Harbor, Antigua. I'm fresh, pale, and ready to burn! Overlook of English Harbor, Antigua. Overlook of English Harbor, Antigua.
Overlook of English Harbor, Antigua. Looking out at sea, during a mini Regatta at English Harbor, Antigua. I liked how they installed a picture frame for those of us taking pictures! Lover's Point? Probably. Every coastline has a Lover's Point. This one happens to be close to English Harbor, Antigua.
Navette de Sauvetage, aka Life Raft, from the tanker Proteo (or was it Potrero). Not sure but, in either case, it was an odd sight to see on our way to Guadeloupe! Norton in the life raft, as he tried to bail water out and lighten the load. 

During the process of heaving this over the side of the boat, while we rocked with the waters, I donated my lunch and got over my sea sickness. Now I'm ready to be on the boat! Mmmm, emergency food. It doesn't taste like chicken. It tastes like bland sugar cookies and is as hard as a brick.
Emergency food and water, for 25 people. The raft was big enough for that many, if they all stood up! I'm calling this the "COD": Crew Overboard Device. It's small, light, effective, and now it's Norton's. OMG, they have trash separation on Guadeloupe!
Me, after our first day of sailing... just call me lil' lobster. More recycling stations on the island of Guadeloupe, after Carol deposited our donation. This is the placard on the building at the transfer station for waste on Guadeloupe. Thanks to the EU and France, they have this option. Not all of the islands have this luxury.
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Location: Antigua to Guadeloupe

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