Trash Trip

Exploring waste, from coast to coast.

Trash Trip – 2011-02-01-to-02-04

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The harbor as Deshaies, Guadeloupe. Iles des Saintes is working on recycling... it began this year. One-stop dropping for recyclables on Iles des Saintes?
Of course, this sign and bin is located a wee bit of a walk from the dock where les visiteurs arrive on shore... a common practice, for some reason. These are along the way to Fort Napolean, after a blind curve up a hill... and most forts are located at the top of the highest hill. Islands have their challenges! Looking at our water chariot, Imagine, below in the harbor at Iles des Saintes
Looking behind me at the piles of appliances on the hill near the trash bins. An interesting artist's rendition of Christ, at the local church on Iles des Saintes. Reminds me of the art made during dark ages. Anchored north of the other harbor, at Iles des Saintes, where we had good "anchortainment":

While watching some Americans wrestle their chartered catamaran away from the rocks, using their dinghy. At the same time, some kite surfers were dashing about, along with kayakers and wind surfers. A lively evening (not shown here!)

The next morning, we got a peek at some Germans on their boat, getting in some boat-wise exercise, in the nude of course. Those Germans!  ;)
Sunset, at one of the islands that make up Iles des Saintes. Arriving at Deshaies, Dominica... along side about a dozen steel-hulled ship wrecks(!) Carol taking pictures fo the wrecks, as we make our way to the immigration office (about a ten minute ride from the boat, much to our surprise).
Me, entertaining myself, while Norton drives us to the immigration office of Dominica. More wreckage shots, before we go on the Indian River tour with our guide named "Cobra." We could have asked for "Lawrence of Arabia" or "Charlie Love," or "Sugar Daddy," or "Shadow," but we liked Cobra the best. Cool, dinosaur-like trees... not to far from where they apparently shot scenes for one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
Photos 1 - 15 out of 24 | Back to Albums
Description: Traveling from Iles des Sainte to Dominica
Location: Iles des Sainte to Dominica

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